About Me

William Shane Ninan was born and raised in Upstate South Carolina. He grew up in a small rural community called Dacusville, just a short drive from Greenville South Carolina. Much could be said for his upbringing. His entrepreneurial endeavors began very early and many were…. well, let's just say, not his wisest choices.
After graduating from Pickens High School, Shane went on to graduate from the University of South Carolina where he double majored in Criminal Justice and Business.
Following graduation like many graduates Shane was still unsure and uncertain about the direction he wanted to pursue. He moved to Charlotte NC where he worked as a legal assistant for approximately a year. After seeing the ugly side of Corporate Law he moved back to Greenville to jump into the family business; which was in the service industry. His father owned and operated several Sports Bars and a Night Club.
In 2010, he met Lauren, who would later become his wife. During their courtship Shane made a vow to exit the Nightlife Industry.
In November 2011 he did just that and found himself working within the manufacturing industry. This was only temporary. Shane has entrepreneur DNA; he experimented with selling auto parts on ebay, wholesaling vehicles, and the two even started an online Esty store where they sold handmade gifts and art they shipped all over North America.
Shane and Lauren had their first son Judah in 2012. Later they were blessed with twins, Lochlan and Chaney in 2015.
In 2017 while still working in what he would call Mid-Level Management within the Manufacturing Industry, Shane became very intentional with the couples’ Real Estate goals.
They had always talked about owning rental properties, however, like many others, those goals were left waiting for when the time was right. Shane found a local Real Estate meet up online and the two agreed they would attend to ask a few questions and possibly make a connection. That single meeting would be the catalyst that changed the trajectory of their lives.
Shane was introduced to the concepts and the mechanics of what the real estate industry refers to as “Wholesaling.” He dove into this head first. Listening to Podcasts, reading books, attending local networking events, etc. Eventually landing his first two deals in the summer of 2018. Following the successful execution of these first two deals, the proof of concept was real.
Over the last several years Shane has continued to grow and learn and move Real Estate to the forefront of his career. Real Estate has become his passion and his hobby. Shane and Lauren currently still wholesale properties, fix and flip, and manage their own portfolio of income properties.
Aside from being a husband and father, Shane is extremely active in the Real Estate Investing Community in Upstate South Carolina.
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